Professional Mole Control Services

Quick and effective mole control


Specialist Mole Catcher – West Suffolk Area

I can bring a quick end to your mole problem using my skill and experience, as a mole catcher.

I have over 12 years’ experience of catching moles and can provide a simple solution to the mole damage
in all areas including gardens, paddocks, farm land, sports fields, camp-sites, church yards, schools,
pub/hotel grounds and other commercial sites.

Problems with moles on your property?

If you have a mole problem on your property call today on

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mole hills

Why have I got moles?

When moles move on to your land they are after one thing – food. The main food source for the mole is earthworms, although they will eat insects and larvae.

Many factors influence your chance of getting moles. It is often the best tended areas, with good soil and high numbers of earthworms that get the most unwanted mole visitors.



Humane Control

The elusive mole spends most of their time underground in their tunnel network. The problem is obvious from the soil produced in characteristic mounds, this is the spoil from the tunnel networks they dig. This is when you need to call us.

I will visit your site, assess the problem and set the appropriate number of traps. All our traps are top quality, British made and maintained in the best condition. Once set the trap sites are regularly checked to ensure that the mole problem is removed quickly and efficiently.

Safe & Effective

A risk assessment for all mole catching work is undertaken and recorded before work commences. There will be some initial questions to better understand the site and any hazards there may be there.

Following the control work the area is entirely safe for children, pets, farm animals and all other users.